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Webinar Registration

HIPS is offering both free of charge and sliding scale admission to our Suboxone, Ethics and Stigma Webinar!  

We love this explanation of "Sliding scale, a tool for economic justice"  from Worts & Cunning. 

Check out these bits from that conversation and we encourage you to read the blog!

  • The sliding scale is a tool that allows for a product or service to be obtained at multiple price points based on the circumstances of the purchaser.
  • The sliding scale represents the idea that financial resources, including income, are not and should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access services/care/etc
  • Teachers deserve to get paid and students deserve classes which recognize the multiple realities of economic access and privilege that exist.

 We encourage  you to examine your own situation and make an appropriate donation.

Donation suggested sliding scale: 

$100 - This level of support covers one person's participation in the webinar AND supports the participation lowest and free participants.  

$75 - True Cost This is the true cost of offering our webinar,  "If you are able to pay for "wants" and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, you have economic privilege and power in our community. This price is for you."

$25-50 Middle Cost
This level reflects the practitioner's acknowledgement that paying the full cost would prevent some folks from being able to attend, but who do not honestly find themselves reflected in either descriptions for the highest cost or the lowest."

$5 - Lowest Cost
Our lowest cost "represents an honest acknowledgment by the teacher and practitioner that there are folks whose economic circumstances would prevent them from being a part of classes if there was not be a deliberate opportunity made for them to access services at a cost that is reflective of their economic realities." HIPS would add that often these folks' participation is critical and important to a full and equitable conversation. 

0$ - HIPS offers this level for folks for whom registering via a credit card presents a significant barrier to participation. If you would like to participate at this level, your RSVP will suffice and you can close this window!



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