Help open the HIPS Center for Health and Achievement!

The Beltway's best-kept secret isn't who Hillary's 2016 running mate will be. It's an organization called HIPS, which quietly but fiercely works its ass off for transgender people, sex workers, and other folks in DC who need health care, empowerment, and safety. 

HIPS is asking us for help. I donated. And I want you to join me.


Because HIPS makes a difference every day and every night. 

HIPS providers safer sex materials, syringes, testing, support groups, and all kinds of other support through their office and the famous HIPS Outreach Van. Did you know that HIPS also connects folks to HIV and HCV treatment and has helped cure folks of Hep C?

In 2014 HIPS:

  • Informed 677 sex workers and drug users of their Hepatitis C status and treatment options.
  • Informed 1,061 sex workers and drug users of their HIV status. 
  • Handed out 500,000+ condoms and safer sex supplies to the District’s residents.
  • Enrolled 980 individuals in drug treatment or medical services.
  • Held over 400 support groups to encouraged life change and healthy behaviors.
  • Distributed and collected 250,000+ sterile needles from injection drug users.
  • Made 7,000 contacts with clients for counseling and education during mobile overnight outreach.
  • Answered 4,900 hotline calls.

Because HIPS serves the transgender community. 

One in 8 transgender people—most of them transgender people of color—have done sex or drug-related work to get by. One in 3 HIPS clients is transgender, and HIPS is one of the leading organizations serving transgender people in the DC area.

Because HIPS is stepping up to change policy. 

HIPS has long advocated for policies that support health, empowerment, and safety. In 2015, HIPS will take this work to the next level on issues ranging from the District budget, homelessness, and Medicaid to policing, civil rights, and the criminalization of sex workers and drug users.

Because HIPS is opening a new Center for Health and Achievement. 

In this new location, HIPS is planning to open an on-site medical clinic and pharmacy - the only dedicated sex worker- and drug user-friendly clinic in the DC area.

But all of this costs a lot of money. Moving, creating a clinic space, paying for benefits for the organization's new fellow (yay for staff!), and all their other ambitious plans means HIPS needs our support. 

Moving and creating a clinic space will cost HIPS upwards of $200,000 - I'm committing to raise just $3,000 of that. The first $1,000 is from me - that's how much I believe in HIPS. And if I can do that, I know you can do something

A New Horizon

After more than 20 years of successful outreach and intervention, HIPS is now poised to expand and improve their services beyond their tried-and-true mobile outreach to the establishment of the HIPS Center for Health and Achievement. Located in Ward 6 (H St NE), the Center will include an in-house health clinic and will offer medical, mental health, and drug treatment services in addition to easy-to-access traditional services such as showers and laundry facilities. 

Thanks to the support, compassion, and commitment of its donors, staff, and volunteers, since 1993 HIPS has been at work to improve the lives of thousands of individuals in "street economies": folks in the sex trade, drug users, and people who face chronic homelessness, unemployment, incarceration and abuse - including many transgender people. 

More Services Under One Roof

The new HIPS Center for Health and Achievement is co-located with other esteemed nonprofits focused on serving poor and vulnerable members of the DC community. The new Center is based on a co-location model, which utilizes community partners to offer more services in one place. The new co-location model also helps solve some of the most pressing issues issues facing HIPS clients, most significantly the stigma people face when they are not welcome at other agencies. Being judged or treated poorly by doctors, social workers, and counselors because you are transgender, because of your engagement in sex work, or because you use drugs creates a mistrust of the system and makes it less likely people will seek the services they need to change their lives.

Building the Dream

On March 6, 2015, HIPS took possession of its new leased space on H Street NE. The space boasts 4,000 square feet, plus a basement for storage, an accessible location, and a well-formed plan to transform the bare-bones space into a productive, welcoming, and inspiring environment for staff and clients to achieve their goals.

The new center will offer harm reduction services like a drop-in center, showers, clothing closet, syringe access, counseling – with medical services, mental health counseling, job training, and drug treatment. The new center will vastly increase the options HIPS has been able to offer to its clients and reduce obstacles clients face in their journey towards self-sufficient, healthy, and self-determined lives.

The total cost of renovations for the new Center for Health and Achievement will be $230,000. HIPS is asking its supporters to help raise 1/3 of that, or $60,000, by the beginning of May 2015.  

HIPS has already received support from the DC Department of Health, the Washington AIDS Partnership, MAC AIDS Fund, and AIDS United. What they need now is to raise the remaining $150,000 to support the actual construction of the drop-in center, showers, medical room, counseling rooms, kitchen, and staff spaces. 

HIPS needs your support now. Please make a donation today to help make the center a reality.  

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    Just made a donation to HIPS - join me!

    Help HIPS Thrive



    We see the discrimination and challenges our clients face.
    We respect their right to safe space and self-determination.
    We offer a compassionate and caring environment to achieve personal growth.   

    Will you support us? Will you support them?

    Everyone deserves a safe place to shower and have a meal.
    Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep.  
    Everyone deserves a life free from violence.
    Everyone deserves a community they can rely on.

    With your help, HIPS provides that. With your continued support, we can keep doing it.

    Please donate today!

    You can also easily set up a Pink Membership recurring donation here and support our work throughout the year. 


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