Help Us to Open the HIPS Center for Health and Achievement

I've made a big commitment to support HIPS, and I need your help. Why?

Because HIPS makes a difference every day and every night. You probably know HIPS providers safer sex materials, syringes, testing, support groups and all kinds of support through our office and the famous HIPS Outreach Van. Did you know that HIPS also connects folks to HIV and HCV treatment and has helped cure folks of Hep C? If that's enough, click here to give. If on!

Because HIPS serves the trans community. One in 8 trans people—most of them trans people of color—have done sex or drug-related work to get by. One in 3 HIPS clients is transgender. In effect, HIPS is one of the leading organizations serving trans people in the region. If that's enough, click here to give. If on!

Because HIPS is opening a new Center for Health and Achievement. In our new location, we're planning to open an on-site medical clinic and pharmacy - the only dedicated sex worker- and drug user-friendly clinic in the DC area. If that's enough, click here to give. If on!

Because HIPS is stepping up to change policy. HIPS has long advocated for policies that support health, empowerment, and safety. In 2015, HIPS will take this work to the next level on issues ranging from the District budget, homelessness and Medicaid to policing, civil rights, and the criminalization of sex workers and drug users. If that's enough, click here to give. If on!

Basically, HIPS is one of the most awesome organizations ever. So why not make a donation today?

But all of this costs a lot of money. Moving, creating a clinic space, paying for benefits for our new fellow, and all our other ambitious plans means we need your support more than ever. 

Moving and creating a clinic space will cost us upwards of $200,000 - I'm committing to raise just $5,000 of that. The first $750 is coming from me. That's how much I believe in HIPS. And if I can do that, I know you can do somethingEven $5 will make a difference, but to put it all in perspective: 

  • $25 HIPS Helping Hand! Candy and hot chocolate/lemonade for a night of outreach
  • $75 HIPS Friend! Provides our “Community Lunch” for one afternoon
  • $150 HIPS Advocate! Safer sex supplies for one night of outreach
  • $200 HIPS Ally! One night’s shelter and safety counseling for a victim of violence
  • $600 HIPS Leader! Hotline services for six weeks

And if you want to set up a recurring monthly donation, go to the Monthly Giving page. Monthly giving is an easy way to step up your support and helps HIPS count on funding we can use as we plan to strengthen and expand our work.
Please support HIPS, and share with your friends, family, and colleagues!

HIPS Board member; Business Development Specialist at DCHBX; "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."
$1,008.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00