I support HIPS' goal of individuals right to sexual freedom as well as the right to personal drug usage without government or legal restraint. I served in several countries where sex work is legal and sex workers are protected by law. The US' sex laws do not protect anyone other than religious bigots' outlandish belief that all Americans must obey their god. Furthermore, these laws take advantage of sex workers performing an honest occupation and put them in terrible danger of abuse by pimps, police and clients who want to harm them, and that includes the courts. Likewise individuals who for whatever reason use drugs without harming anyone else should not be punished by laws. Alcohol and tobacco harms and kills many but their usage is barely regulated. HIPS is taking positive actions to help whereas do-gooders are the problem.

Retired USAF, SMSgt, First Sgt Vietnam veteran. I support everyone's right to freedom of thought, choose and actions.