NYE Checklist - Harm Reduction Style

pink-checklist.jpgLess than 24 hours until it's time to start partying for New Year's Eve. You've got the outfit and a list of events - but are you prepared to celebrate with harm reduction strategies in mind? Worry not, we're here to help you!

NYE Harm Reduction Checklist:
  1. Carry condoms for you, a friend, or to give that drunk couple in the bathroom.
  2. Arrange for a safe way to get home.
  3. Schedule your donation to HIPS now so you don't forget!
  4. Intersperse your enjoyment-of-choice with a harm reduction one like water, taking a break, or cozy slippers instead of those six inch heels.
  5. Make sure to have your favorite breakfast/brunch foods in the house to start New Year's Day right!
  6. If you aren't sure about going home with someone at 10pm, it's probably still not a good idea at 1am.
  7. Make a contribution to HIPS before heading out the door!
  8. Get CONSENT before that midnight kiss! Grabbing and kissing strangers only worked in the days before they had sexual harassment laws... Actually, it didn't work then either.
  9. Give yourself a break and have fun! 

Here's to wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy 2014!

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