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    GOAL: $30,000.00


    For the past 25 years, HIPS has been out on the streets

    between 11pm and 6am

    nearly every night, nearly every weekend.

    Paula and Xion from HIPS talk about the importance of overnight services for sex workers


    Since the passage of SESTA/FOSTA in early 2018,

    we've seen up to a 50% increase in contacts on the streets. 


    In honor of our 25th Anniversary, and in the wake of SESTA/FOSTA,

    Please support HIPS critical services for sex workers with a generous donation today.

    We can't do it without you. 



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    Help HIPS Thrive



    We see the discrimination and challenges our clients face.
    We respect their right to safe space and self-determination.
    We offer a compassionate and caring environment to achieve personal growth.   

    Will you support us? Will you support them?

    Everyone deserves a safe place to shower and have a meal.
    Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep.  
    Everyone deserves a life free from violence.
    Everyone deserves a community they can rely on.

    With your help, HIPS provides that. With your continued support, we can keep doing it.

    Please donate today!

    You can also easily set up a Pink Membership recurring donation here and support our work throughout the year. 


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